John Cansalsa

Songwriter & Producer



41 Years of being stuck in the 80's

and now for something almost normal

John has been a writer, musician, sound engineer, producer and active ghostwriter of electronic music since 1979, releasing a rare minimal-wave record in 1983 with Shazam and publishing Electronica under many psudonyms & freelance projects over the last 41 Years

He has never limited himself to any specific genre because he is comfortable creating any type of soundscape electronically. 

Since semi-retiring in 2018 John can now spend more time on his chosen favourites and so is now self publishing as Cansalsa.  John is also an avid mentor for new talent under his new publishing umbrella of Cansalsa Music

Recent Cansalsa projects have included a 14 track album of very experimetal Retro-Salsa-Electronica.

One such track "Salsa" has also been re-mixed in collaboration with one of the Masters and Champions of Traditional Salsa from Venezuela - Nestor Pacheco -  adding his unique style of Vocals & Percussion - creating a Fusion of Electronica & Traditional Salsa

There is also some light-hearted acid jazz-etronica, a quasi-sub-genre John would like to explore more as an album of works together with potentially yet more 80's retro minimal-wave electronica too. 

More recently though John has reverted back to some 'mainstream friendly' Electronica projects in the search of a talented lyricist & vocalist collaborator that has the vision to Fuse some on-trend topline life into some of his latest Electronica backgrounds.



now what? - you choose